Learning From the Inside Out

Our view is that behavior is an output from a deeper internal operating system within each and every human being. Our approach helps clients to understand the nature of behavior change and how to work with their values, thoughts and feelings, and choices. The result is behavior change that sticks.

Our approach assists people in learning from the inside out, emphasizing that acceptance comes before change. Executives are coached and trained to access their inner resources to develop their own unique style. This may not be sufficient for an executive to learn communication or speaking skills, so we take it a step further with Behavioral Executive Coaching.

This powerful combination gives people the inner resources, as well as the external skills, to be excellent executives, capable of bringing out the best in their team and making the necessary changes to bring corporate culture into alignment with 21st century business practices.

Sustainable Leadership

The world needs leaders now more than ever. Organizations, both profit and nonprofit, need leaders now more than ever. Communities need leaders now more than ever. As human beings, we have always looked to leaders to guide us, direct us, and to support us, as we move forward in our lives. There is a leader inside each and every one of us. It is the leader within each of us that will make a difference in this life, and also point us in the direction of our destiny.

Our approach to Leadership is built around three key messages:

•           Emotional Intelligence is: Self-Awareness, Awareness of Others, Communication Skills

•           Communication is Simple

•           Leadership is a Choice, as Well as a Position

Whether we are working with individuals, or with teams, our basic approach is values-based and communication-oriented.  Each coaching engagement or team engagement identifies the opportunity for leadership. 

Creating Lasting Change

Awareness and acceptance are the first steps to creating lasting change.

Understanding what holds habitual behavior in place is key to doing things differently.

Improvement means making a new choice and replacing old behavior patterns with more effective and productive ones.

Reinforcement emphasizes that practice with feedback brings improvement.