I’ve always wanted to tell you that the presentation training I received from you was the best I’ve ever had, including all kinds of media training. I still remember all of your major points, I still work at simplifying my presentations, I still review videos and tapes of my speeches when they’re available, and I still love presenting. Thank you again.

Ilene Lang

Hank, I really like your style of seminars: practical, simple and directly usable! It’s always a pleasure for me being “around you”, recognizing your openness, your world-citizenship and your authenticity.

Hilarius Dressen
Adobe Professional Services
Central Region, EMEA

I just wanted to warmly thank you for the session. It was terrific ! I really like your style, and the professional guidance that you pass on so smoothly is invaluable. Rarely have I had such a personally productive 3 hours!!

Michael J Cannon-Brookes
Senior Vice President,
IBM Strategy & Business Development, Emerging Markets

“Hank is incredibly perceptive and does a great job at connecting with all his constituents, bringing out key elements in each individual that go towards supporting good communication.”

Mark Ginsburg
Director of Services AP
Adobe Systems

Hank, I think the session we just completed was a watershed for me in
understanding some things that will serve me well in public presentations,
and elsewhere, frankly. I truly appreciate your counsel.
I hope you enjoy some quiet and peace during the holidays. Let me know how
I can help you with the document. Take care.

Mark Harris
Vice President, Communications
IBM Business Consulting Services

We had our partner forum last week – it is a big event with 400+ people in attendance. Your training was very helpful in preparing for the event. I got wonderful feedback from those in attendance. You’re a genius!

Catherine Eckstein
Sr VP Marketing

Our two hours yesterday may well have been the most effective time spent in training in all of my career — both in terms of quick results and high impact. Amazing!!

Craig F. Schreiber
Marketing Consulting
Corporate Brand Strategy and Worldwide Market Intelligence IBM Corporation