What People Are Saying

“A simple and straightforward guide to accessing your inner resources and making desired changes in your life. I heartily recommend it.”
Tim Gallwey – Author of The Inner Game of Tennis
and The Inner Game of Work

“This book is a wonderful reminder of all the resources already within us and provides a no non-sense “kick in the butt” to use those resources. The author draws on a depth of experience to show us in a clear and simple way to create shift in our lives.”
Henry Kimsey-House – Author of Co-Active Coaching and co-founder of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

“Hank Fieger writes as well as he coaches — helping others learn to modify deeply rooted behaviors that can affect performance and self potential. He understands the basics of human nature and what it takes to make the choice to change. Change is difficult but Hank’s methods help identify limiting behaviors and discover replacements that can improve one’s effectiveness.”
Frank Kern – Senior Vice President, IBM

“Behavior Change is a powerful tool for helping uncover the underlying assumptions that shape us as leaders. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to achieve more in their life, their work and the world.”
Gloria Stinson – VP, Organizational Development, Adobe Systems Incorporated

“Hank Fieger has distilled his many years of consulting and training experience to capture the essence of how people can take control of their life. I have used Behavior Change to help corporate managers and leaders achieve the results they desired in both their professional and personal lives. An essential read for anyone involved in training and development.”
Alexander Grimshaw – CEO and Senior Partner, PPS International Ltd.

“Keep this book handy as it will teach you how to “reprogram” yourself to become more effective no matter who you are or what you do. Not only will you notice the difference, so will everyone you deal with.”
Bill Merrick – Ogilvy & Mather

“This wonderful example of how the author made changes in his own life, shows business leaders, teachers, coaches, therapists and individuals how to create lasting behavioral change. This handbook will guide the reader through the process of adapting, adjusting, and changing for the better.”
Jacaranda Press – India

“Very focused, simple and touching. I really love your framework, for its seeming simplicity, yet touching on the much more fundamental underlying issues that govern our behaviors and ability/willingness to change.”
Sandra Visser – Essence Coaching